Two Naked Dogs Studios


Lindsay “LT” Thompson

The proverbial Pez® dispenser of the famous Frisbee® Fastback plastic, Lindsay Thompson, is the handler of Team K9’s of the Carolinas, leading this rag-tag team of underdogs through the journey that is canine disc. The team have made appearances in nine world finals events throughout 2011, 2012, 2014, 2015 and 2016. When the team isn’t competing, they enjoy long hikes in the wild of North Carolina.

Eko — The Diva

Known as the original flydog for Team KOTC, Eko has been competing in canine disc since she was 8 months old (2009). Eko lives in her own world, doing exactly what it is that makes her happy. She lives life to its max and has more fun than a barrel of monkeys. She’s charming, sassy, sweet all wrapped into one and believes everyone should be in her fan club. Quite a few humans think everyone should be too.

Brick — The Cattle Dork

While Brick’s beginnings in life weren’t the most amicable, he found his place as part of Team KOTC and through some rigorous training and patience, transformed into an incredible pet and most notably, a disc dog rockstar. His spunky personality mixed with his Australian Cattle Dog heritage makes for a serious work ethic. Mix in some German Shepherd that thinks he’s still a puppy and you get quite the goofball. Just don’t bring out a Frisbee® disc unless you plan to throw it, a lot.