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Canine Flying Disc

The exciting, high-flying sport of canine flying disc is experiencing a rapid growth throughout the canine athletic world. Competitors train, travel and compete across multiple continents throughout the world, all vying for a chance to call themselves a world champion.

Beginning humbly in the early years of the 1970’s, a young man from Ohio by the name of Alex Stein, relocated to Los Angeles, California, with his incredible canine athlete, Ashley Whippet. While Ashley wasn’t the first disc dog to ever catch America’s new, favorite toy, his athleticism, prowess and finesse captured the hearts and minds of many spectators throughout the United States.

Following several failed attempts of being picked up by local talent agencies, Alex Stein snuck Ashley into Dodger Stadium and during the mid-inning break of the August 5, 1974, Dodgers-Reds game, proceeded to play a game of canine flying disc in left field in front of a national audience and the in-stadium crowd.

As Alex left the field, he was immediately arrested and separated from Ashley. Ashley was taken home by a local teenager where Alex was able to reunite with him several days later. As a result of Alex’s daring exploit, he landed himself and Ashley a long-term position as part of the Los Angeles Rams halftime entertainment for many years to come.

He was also brought on with Wham-O, the creators of the Frisbee disc, where he toured the country, promoting the sport of flying disc along side the greats of Eldon McIntire and Hyper Hank with the help of Wham-O’s own Irv Lander.

Today, canine flying disc is enjoyed world-wide and shared by dog lovers and spectators alike.